Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Snake Oil 8 Party at Bergen St Comics

Okay, we are having a thing. I just drew this flier for two nights of comic book parties at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn. Thursday, Nov 8th is Koyama Press with Deforge, Patrick Kyle and Jane Mai. And then on Friday, Nov 9th, Spaceface Books/Oily Comics bring a whole bunch of artists and their new books. I will be debuting my new issue of Snake Oil (8) published by Space Face and I will be signing people's foreheads. Oily will have a bunch of early releases there with the artists present. Look at the flier. Lots of names.
And then the next day is of course Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival where Koyama, Space Face, and Oily will also be exhibiting. 
Bergen St Comics is a great shop. If you haven't been there then make your first time there one of these nights and rub elbows with some sweaty cartoonists.


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