Friday, February 3, 2012


Hello everybody. I somehow managed to pull together another issue of my mini comic, The End of the Fucking World.  This is part four in which not much happens but as Melissa put it, this is kind of a romantic issue. I hadn't planned that but that's perfect for February. I put Hank Williams on the cover because he is great.
Melissa Mendes was very nice to do a special drawing for this issue. It's the pretty one above of the kids dancing. Melissa has been posting tons of her Freddy trips on her tumblr lately. Follow them. Feel like a kid.
These comics are only a dollor. You can order them from me or get them at comic book stores that carry this sort of thing like Atomic books, Jim Hanleys, Bergen St Comics, Comix Experience, Tate's Comics, Fantastic Comics, Chicago Comics, Dr. Comics and Mr. Games, Quimby's and probably some others.
If you own a shop and would like to carry these comics then contact my whole sale guy Tony Shenton.
In other news, my hand are freezing.

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