Thursday, August 4, 2011

Show Me The Way To Go Home!

UPDATE: Have a new poster available: ET + Garfield




After my Raiders/Popeye (still available) strip was so well received I decided to try another combination. After a failed attempt at another combination I decided to try mashing up 2 of my all-time favorites: Spielberg and Benchley's Jaws drawn like Schulz's Peanuts. 

Like the last mashup, this one does not try to tell the whole story but rather depict a some of my favorite scenes.

I am a big fan of Peter Benchley who wrote the original book and actually appears in the movie as a TV reporter. Last summer I read almost every Benchley novel. There are still a few I haven't read but they were all super entertaining if a little dated. Obviously people know Jaws the movie so I did my best to stay faithful to both the movie and Peanuts.  I hope it worked and is fun to look at. I did 7 strips in all and you can see them all below. Like last time, I am offering a print of all 7 strips.  You can find it in the Oily Boutique.  I ship them in tubes so they arrive undamaged (I hope). This was really fun to do, I hope it's fun to look at.  I do these for fun but also the last one got me through a tough time financially.  While I am not in the same dire straights as I was last October things are never easy with me and money. If these things make some money they help me mind rest a little easier and they allow me to free up space in my brain for things like my new comic book, Celebrated Summer.  I am really happy about the way it is going so far and I have much more exciting news about that book at a later date. I want to get the thing finished first before I talk about that too much. But look here for periodical looks at that panels and pages as I work on it.
I wish you well.

Oh yeah! Here is a look at the whole thing:



  1. Pure genius. I wish I'd thought of it.

  2. Well, yes, except shouldn't the punny Schultz title be "Paws" ?

  3. *lol* Oh, this is awesome on multiple levels! Worthy of Mr. Shultz work himself. ^_^

  4. This is entirely brilliant.

  5. The Thing:

  6. You're really brave to attempt a Schulz parody - the drawing doesn't let you down (even the lettering feels right)! LOVE IT!

  7. Charles, How did I miss your Jaws? Just slow on the draw, I suppose.
    Hope to see one up close when you are home sometime.
    U. Chris

  8. whoa! what was that? can you check styrofoam peanuts? this is great! quite shocked somehow..

  9. Best thing I have seen all year!!!

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