Thursday, September 8, 2011

SPX 2011 and pictures of me and my cat

Hey Jerks,

It is the time of year where the cartoonists take showers and drive to Bethesda, Maryland to be reminded how painful real life interactions with similarly introverted people can be! Go Team Comics! Wait...First there is this picture of me destroying a horrifically rotted picnic table.  Look at that man, everybody!
Awesome, huh?  So yeah the Small Press Expo is happening and the only thing I am freaking out about is that Melissa "Hollywood" Mendes has a beautiful book coming out! Wait, guys. Look at this picture of our friend, Bruce.
I know, right? Look at those fuzzy lips. Holy shit.
Anyway. If you came to read about Chuck Forsman, here is what I'll be doing this weekend. Hanging out at the Sundays table (D2) with copies of Sundays Forever Changes, The Ground is Soft, and a new 12 page mini comic I did for the show called The End of the Fucking World.  I want to formally apologize to my mom for the swear word. She thinks it is lazy of me but I really like the power that swear words hold. Especially for kids and teenagers.  Anyway, this is a pretty dark little comic. It's format was totally inspired by my good friend Max who has been doing this awesome mini comic called Moose. He has done 3 issues so far and I recommend you get them. I could tell he was having so much fun just playing and doing it as he went which is what I wanted to do with this. It's part one of whatever and it'll be cheep. Probably be like a dollar or something. Here are some pictures of that hot little item.

So you can get TEOTFW at the Sundays table and I will be signing nothing probably at the Fantagraphics table.  I'm thinking of it more like I get to hang out with Jimmy Ruggs, Ted Stearn, and Drew Weing for an hour and watch them sign books.  I'm there cause I have a story in the new Mome. Here is when you can see me staring into space:

Saturday 11:00 - 12:00 PM     Chuck Forsman / Jim Rugg 
Sunday 12:00 - 1:00 PM      Chuck Forsman / Ted Stearn / Drew Weing 

I've been listening to a lot of Byrds records lately. From like The Notorious Byrd Brothers to the end of their run. All the country stuff.  I just can't get enough. Now I am delving into the members offshoots like Gram Parsons, Michael Clarke, and Gene Clark. Found some amazing albums that I have never heard of like this one:
And this one:

Fun fact: Did you know the Eastern Coyote which runs by our house at night has Red Wolf in it and some think they should reclassified as wolves. 

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