Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I need to pay the rent

They say Tuesday is the best day to post things up on the internet. I did not plan it this way. I wanted to put this up sooner. So here is the deal. Melissa and I moved into a new apartment in Providence. It is great. It is wonderful. I have been living the last month with a frugality I previously hadn’t thought possible. I am very proud of myself. But I still don’t have enough scratch for the upcoming rent. The plan was to have had a job for the last few weeks. But as most plans go... It was crazy hard to find a job in this city but guess what? I did! Thing is I only started a few days ago. So I decided to combine my love of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Segar’s Popeye into something I hope to sell to you.

I drew six scenes from Raiders as daily Popeye strips and tried to color them to look like they appeared in a newspaper from the 30’s. I put them all together as an 11”x17” poster that you can frame, put in your bathroom or place it behind that San Diego magnet on your fridge. I am only printing 100 of these these so they are a limited thing. If it proves that people like it then maybe I’ll do Temple of Doom or another movie. Maybe I should do Jaws. That would be kind of perfect.

So what am I asking for this? Well, I am asking 20 dollars. I know. I know. That’s crazy. I hate charging that much but consider more like a donation to keep me sane and drawing more comics. I really want to get back to my comics. It’s been a long summer of moving and traveling and the projects just keep building up. But here is the deal. If you help me out with this then it will free me of a lot of stress and I can work on having a new Snake Oil ready for the Brooklyn Comic and Graphic Fest on December 4th. I’ll probably include some other stuff in there as well. I’ll do a sketch and put it in with the poster. If you want something specific please say so in the comments on the paypal screen or just email me: chuckmcbuck AT gmail DOT com.  Also email me if you don't like using paypal.  We can work out another payment method.

You can see the full poster below. Click on it to see it bigger. And click here to buy it from the Oily Boutique. I love you all and may some god bless you in the future. Oh and I totally apologize to Segar and Lucasfilm for stealing their shit. But it’s parody so so what.
To buy this poster, go to the Oily Boutique!


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  2. Great stuff Chuck, all my favorite moments from my favorite film

  3. Amazing. I want more. More, damn you!

  4. Fantastic idea. You might be sitting on a gold mine. To me, it looks like Tintin (except Tintin never went intimate).