Sunday, May 28, 2006

Comics In The Can...

So this will be the first edition of posts about comics that I find being used in the real world. Anytime I see comics and I have my camera, I will post it here. Hopefully these posts will slowly grow until I have a cool documentation of how comics are still prevalent (hopefully) in in the world even though the industry (as least in America) is only a fraction of the size it once was a half a century ago. It is also a reassurance for me that I will be able to find work in other places besides making actual comics after I finish my time at CCS.

This first example is an illustration found in a modern outhouse in a local public park not far from where I live in Pennsylvania. I went to use the outhouse and found it above the urinal explaining how the outhouse worked without plumbing or needing someone to remove the waste. My favorite part is the arrow that represents poop coming from the little cartoon kid's butt. I am not sure of why the child in the center is acting so surprised.


  1. i don't know about you but i shit arrows all the time.

  2. hey mcbuck,

    please photoshop-in some speech bubbles around these three characters.

  3. Where are the rest of their rooms? They have a crapping room, a being-astonished/vent room, and a front door. And what is the girl at the door so excited about?

    Love this poster. I want one for my office.

  4. umm...I think the suprised kid, just realized that someone else is using the shitter and has to go baddd

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