Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Odd Blackness Appears in McBuck's Funny Pages.


Yesterday, while waiting for my files to transer over to my new macbook, I thought I'd take a gander at the sunday funnies. As I turned the pages searching for Mutts I stumbled across a strange black rectangle with rounded edges. I immediately thought, I want to know what this is! My mother thought it may be a label that was on the paper and got printed over. That seems logical if it was heat-sensitive paper and got heated up while going through the paper press. You can actually see the colored ink on it as well.

Is this a sign? Should I be reading Wizard of Id? Should I not be reading Wizard of it? Does anyone out there know what this is? hmm?


  1. what's it made out of? makes me think of 2001. weird wild stuff.

  2. It seems to be paper but its pretty thick and smooth.

    Yes, it's a comics monolith. Maybe it'll make me throw my pens and pencils in the air and using them to start killing....or I'll just start drawing. I hope it's the latter.

  3. that's amazing...I'd say that is stranger than the marble sized hail that pelted my car for 10 minutes last week...
    Also This Blog is actually pretty interesting Charlie