Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Author Of Mediocre Blog Gets On Podcast


 Hello, all!

Well, I just listened to the latest issue of Indie Spinner Rack (#28) and my phone call made it on the tail-end of the show.  I am really excited because I actually didn't hate how my voice sounded.  Usually I die from cringing when listening to my recorded voice but I think Charlito and Mr. Phil may have put some filter on my voice to make me sound cooler than I actually am.  So, head over there and download issue #28 to listen to me say 'like' a million times.  And if you like indie comics at all you should be listening to this podcast anyway!  And even if you don't it will surely make you laugh.  I listen to it at work with my headphones and it's a struggle to not laugh out loud.


  1. Hey Chuck!

    The blog is lookin good and thanks for the major mention!


  2. Thanks a lot for stopping by and putting me on the show!

    See you at Mocca.