Sunday, June 10, 2012


Lot's happening here:

  • New Oily Comics are available in the shop by Melissa Mendes, Max de Radigués, Jessica Campbell, and myself. Please order some. We need to buy ice cream and cat food. Just kidding. We are fine.
  • I made a very simple Oily Comics site and bought the domain of Go there and look. It's B & W.
  • CAKE is happening next week. We are driving all the way to Chicago. Come buy some comics from us. I'm on a panel as well. Gross.
  • I went to the Albany Comic Con today and just made a ton of posts on my tumblr about it and all the crap I bought. Go look! Speaking of which, if you don't follow my tumblr, please do. I feel like I use it a lot more than this blog now. While I don't want to abandon blogger just yet, Tumblr is just so sticky and fun.
  • Melissa and I saw a white spider eating a fly. No pictures. Sorry.
  • We saw Prometheus. We were entertained.
  • You can now buy The End of the Fucking World in digital form (PDF, ePub) and read it on your iPad, Android thingy, or your computer. I'm serious. I love technology. If I had an iPad I would be reading comics on it. 

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