Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OILY at TCAF 2012

Table 102 between to Secret Acres and One Percent Press is where you can find Oily Comics Books and friends such as Alex Kim, Sean Ford, Melissa Mendes and Joseph Lambert. New stuff we'll have at TCAF are The End of the Fucking World #7, Lou #3 and an interview zine with Noah Van Sciver.
Also, we'll have the brand new Sundays #5 edited by Sean Ford who will be signing his new tome, Only Skin at the Secret Acres table. We'll also have copies of the brand new Snake Oil #7 published by Retrofit Comics who will also be at the show with a ton of great comics. We'll also have some prints including a brand new Tyrant print by Steve Bissette and colored by me (chuck forsman).

We've noticed that ever since we started signing our comics "Charles Forsman" that people are now calling us that as opposed to "Chuck." That is totally fine but I really don't care. If you called me Chuck before then keep doing so. Only my mother and the state of California call me Charles.

I have a cold as I type this. I really hope I recover by this weekend. Nothing worse then travelling and selling comics while ill.  Despite that I have a ton of enthusiasm going for this trip to Toronto. I can't wait to see new and old friends. These shows means lot more to me ever since we moved out to the country. It's pretty amazing to get all these like-minded folks together. Makes me feel okay.

See you this weekend in Toronto.


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