Monday, April 9, 2012

All I Can Muster


Good morning. I've got comics printing by my feet as I type. Letsee. What's going on around here?
page 5 of Lou #2

On the Oily comics front we have 2 new comics this month from Melissa Mendes and myself. Lou #2 and The End of the Fucking World #6. They are ready for your ordering needs in the redesigned Oily shop. Wholesale through Tony Shenton as always of you are a retailer. Lou #2 is a really solid chunk of comics. I can really feel the world of this family Melissa is building. The artwork is getting really dense, balanced and readable. And I totally envy her character design. She put a lot of work into these characters. And my comic is another issue of anxiety and blood and teenagers.

Lou #2! TEOTFW.6.cvr
I've got a new favorite thing to listen to. The Best Show on WFMU.  I know I am way late to that party but I am there now.  Also, I've been listening to Night People also on WFMU thanks to super-fan Michael DeForge who designed a t-shirt for the show.

I've been using the snakeoily tumblr a lot so if you don't read that please do. Lot's of fun going on over there.

Oh yeah, I started this simple website called This thing I made basically explains it.

Please help me promote this sucker on your blogs or whatever if you are into this sort of thing. I think it is really handy and have gotten a lot of good feedback on it. It's going to take a lot of hours to get a really good list up there. I chip away at it when I can. 

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