Monday, October 10, 2011

About nothing important

Holy crap. It has been about a month since I last updated. It's not my fault. It's just that no one reads blogs anymore. Didn't you hear? Blogs are fucking out. What's been happening? I'm back in the woods of western Massachusetts and doing my best to draw as much as possible. Been reading a lot of Charles Willeford novels. Makes me want to move to Florida. But I know I couldn't take the humidity. I always try to think of good things to write about on here but most of the time I have nothing to say. If you know me in real life then you'll know that to be true about me in person as well. Welp, here is a page from my book Celebrated Summer that I am working on. I've been enjoying the cross-hatching.
I've also been doing a new series of mini comics called The End of the Fucking world. I am starting on final pages for issue 2 today.  It's fun and disposable comics. I think I always need to have fun and disposable in my comics life somewhere or else I feel too serious and then I feel embarrassed.  Here is another page from TEOTFW but in French. I'm printing the first part in a french zine called Alimentation Générale.  More on that when it comes out.

In mashup news, the Jaws+Peanuts poster did very well and I still shipping some out. I have both the Peanuts and Popeye posters for sale in the oily boutique for 15 bucks now. Not signed and numbered. I have an idea for another one which I want to have out before Christmas. So look for that.
If anyone is reading. Thanks for getting this far. and don't worry, life is hard and life is good.

ps. I've been putting some stuff on my tumblr. So if you are into that, follow me there.


  1. I find that in real life you have witty and interesting things to say. So there.

  2. i'm super bummed i didn't pick up TEOTFW #1 at spx! i gotta order it

  3. Man, that's a beautiful Celebrated Summer page. Can't wait for it!