Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things of note

Sean Collins was nice enough to read and write about The Ground is Soft over at Attention Deficit Disorderly.  You cab read it here if you are into that sort of thing.  And you can buy the comic as always, at the shop: Oily Boutique.  It's the longest book I've done.  I think I am through the phase where I think it's is horrible and I want to destroy any evidence of its existence.  Wah!

Just ordered the new Mineshaft.  I really love that book and it makes me happy that it still comes out.  I would love to be in its pages some day but I don't know if I am the right type of horse for that particular journey. Am I?
Been listening to a LOT of WTF with the missus.  We are hooked and totally think of Marc Maron as our therapist.  That dude understands bitter/confused/depressed souls.  God love him.
Charlito said they are going to mention the new Snake Oil on Indie Spinner Rack #187.  Good number!  So listen for that if you are listening.  Love those guys.
We got a cat over the weekend.  We call him Bruce.  So far he is a good cat but a bit chatty.  That dude will meow constantly if he thinks food is coming his way.  Or if a human is in the kitchen.  Or if he is bored.  He is a handsome beast and I look forward to hanging out with him more.  I'll post pictures some day.  He is missing a chunk out of his left ear and his tail is crooked.
Tonight is my first game with a futball team I joined.  I paid money to do this, so you know I am serious.  I feel like a fat-lard right now on account of all the pizza boxes and it being winter and all so running around on a soccer field is going to be good.  Can I write a run-on sentence or what?  I drew a shield for our team jersey with 2 goofy lookin' dogs on it.   Oh yeah. I have yet to even meet my team.  I only know 2 of them so far, so there is that.  And our first 3 games were postponed because of the numerous snow and ice storms we have been having.

Sometimes I get to draw stuff for my new job. Today I drew 3 things.


What else is going on...I started watching the X-files.  I am about 3 quarters of the way through season one.  Feeling good.  Mulder is a such a cad.

Everyone knows, but miss Melissa won a xeric grant to publish a big Freddy collection.  She is working hard on this baby.  It's gonna be quite a book.  Look for it this fall.

I am editing the new Sundays book.  This will be our 4th one. I am pretty excited about this.  I have a bunch of amazing folks working on contributions.  More on this later.  Oh, it'll be at MoCCA this April.

I am working on an 11 page story that I feel really good about.  Thats all I will say about that.

Thanks for reading if you are still reading.

Oh and I drew this in 3rd grade:
venom wolverine spider-man

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  1. Chuck! I loved that update. And keep drawing Venom... So Bad A.