Thursday, October 28, 2010

I paid the rent and then bought 100 cardboard tubes

WOW.  I am just crazy eyed.  A lot of internet happened since I posted the Indiana Jones/Popeye print on Monday.  I am eternally grateful to all of the blogs that picked it up specifically John Martz at Drawn(John started the craziness off), BoingBoing, io9, Comics Reporter, the Beat, Comics Alliance, and the Daily What.  I'm sure are others and And of course everyone who tweeted it. But the most thank yous to my friends and family who jumped right in and bought this silly print so I could make rent.  I made rent in about 2 hours! I love you all and can't thank you enough.  Oh wait.  One more huge Thank You to Melissa Mendes my roommate and love-interest.  Your unwavering support of me is not taken lightly.  You all should check out Miss Melissa. She is one heck of a cartoonist and I am proud to have my desk next to hers.

The National Post saw the poster and an editor there contacted me about running some of it.  And they are going to run a little interview with me.  They say it's going to run Tuesday or Wednesday next week.  anyone in Toronto want to send me a copy or scan it for me?  I would send you comic or something for the trouble.

Well I picked up the posters from the printers this afternoon and 100 tubes arrived in 2 giant boxes on our doorstep a few minutes ago(thanks Uline) and now its time to start getting these guys in the mail.
shipping tubes
There have been a few people contacting me about a second printing of the poster.  So I am starting a waiting list for that.  I feel bad because I wanted it to be a limited thing but so many people seem interested in it.  I'll mull it over.  In any event I think I will surely do other posters like this one.  I've gotten many good ideas from people over the last few days.  Maybe I'll get like 5 ideas and have people vote on them to decide what I'll do next. Got any cherry ideas?

In other news. My friend told me about this site where you put up things you will do for 5 dollars.  I thought I'd give it a try. I kinda love the idea of this site. So I am offering to draw you a new avatar in whatever style I feel like based on a picture that you send me.  Greg Means of the amazing Tugboat Press(publisher of Papercutter) was the the first brave soul to give up the five bucks.  Greg gave me permission to post this. Thanks Greg.

If you want one of your own, go here.
There is also a link to my Fiverr gigs at the bottom of this page that will be there all the time.

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  1. "I'll mull it over."


    "I like sentiment. But I like money better."