Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lena Forever Page number six


So I have book working on a new book. It's called Lena Forever. This is page 6 I think. I have to fix the counter and the cabinets. It's all wonky. I think I am going to release this as 3 issues or 6 issues. It'll be pretty long. I hope I can stick with it. I've got it all pretty planned out with thumbnails done on the first third. I started doing some final pages. I would love to have something ready to show at SPX but probably not until the Brooklyn show in December. crap I gotta go deliver some beer. I'm late. I might post again tomorrow with another page. We are moving next week and I have been trying to draw and pack so I don't lose momentum on this project. I'm going to aggressively look for a publisher for this project in hopes that I will be paid money to draw it. That would make my day. I'll post random pages as I finish them. eat my shorts.

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  1. These look cool. The counter top didn't bother me too much - sort of looked like the kitchen was old and wonky. If you publish it I will by it.