Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh BTW Here comes F.O.O.C.

Oily Comics is now entering into a subscription experiment called F.O.O.C. (Friends of Oily Comics).  I am offering a subscription to ALL of Oily Comics releases for a limited time. Your choice. $30 for 3 months and $50 for 6 months. I hope this isn't too steep a price but I feel like I will make it worth it. I'm giving out extras like an Oily Comics button, a Friends of Oily Comics membership card designed by Michael DeForge, a hand embroidered "O" patch by Melissa Mendes and whatever else I feel like throwing in there. Consider this sort of a fund drive as well. I really want to keep making and publishing mini comics and possibly some bigger productions down the line.

I recently acquired an old Risograph printer which is already making my like with Oily Comics easier. But that thing can also print color but I need some dough to make that happen. When subscribing you are really helping me get to that next level where I can make some cool stuff with talented young cartoonists as well as some more established ones.
So yeah, in other news. Summer is going well. Really getting used to living way out here in the mountains. It's not so good for my verbal skills, though. I'm working away on TEOTFW and a new comic I hope to have at BCGF in November. Thanks for stopping by.


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