Friday, April 29, 2011

Super Show this weekend/Lena 4ever lives

Hey cats and dogs.  Another day, 24 more hours of bewilderment.  How does anything get done?

This weekend I will be with my buds, Alex Kim, Sean Ford, Jon Chad, and Colleen Frakes in Reading, Pennsylvania at the CGS Super Show.  Never been to this thing.  Should be fun. I love small regional shows.  I'll probably sell nothing but come home with like 50 dollar comics.  I covered steve Ditko's Spider-man #4 to sell at the show.  It's ink and watercolor.  Here is a sample.
spider-man 4.sample
Don't know how much to sell it for.

I'll probably be trying to sell sketches in ink and watercolor too.  I guess folks at shows like this enjoy this sort of thing.  We'll see.

It's a beautiful day today.  Right now I am at my desk.  There is a cat next to me keeping an eye on Melissa who is in her element.  In the yard.  Feet up.  Soaking in sun before it goes away again.  I really think we should move to florida or california or the Galapagos islands.  Oh and the River by Bruce Springsteen is playing.  This is a good album.  I'm afraid it is the last album I am going to really love by him. I am new to Bruce but I love him with all my heart.

I just finished reading a comic by Nick Drnaso called It's a Wonderful Strife.  If you like It's a Wonderful Life and would be interested in seeing that story from another point of view or just enjoy lots of little lines filling up dense and pleasing comics pages, you should order one right now.  Oh and this guy is good with his word choices too.  Just a pleasure to read. A breathe of fresh air.  my lungs are full and i am not letting go.

I've dug out Lena Forever and have been doing some new pages.  Gonna show it to some people soon.  Maybe someone with pay me to do this and I'll feel some new kinds of pressure on my shoulders.  Sometimes a man needs foreign pressures. Here is one of the new pages:

Melissa and I got 2 mitts and a couple of baseballs.  We have been playing catch in the street.  It's one of the more relaxing things I have done in a long time.  It gives me relief from everything.  Clears the mond and promotes easy conversation and easy silence.  I highly recommend tossing a ball around if you haven't done that in a while.  It's Spring folks.  If you want to come toss the ball with us just come over.  We'll make blueberry iced tea.  Take your shoes off at the front door please.  

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  1. Hey Chuck- did you do the entire Spider Man 4? Or just the cover? I've been trying to get people to cover pages or stories, not realizing that some people are sort of doing it on their own.

    Did you see Josh Bayer's ROM? He remade an entire issue of ROM and it's unbelievable.

    I did a Julie Doucet and a Popeye and a Feiffer, and a student did an Elfquest, you can see some of that here.


    I'd love to see the Spidey, since your Raiders was so great.


    Tom Hart