Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2nd Run plus Snake Oil #6

Hey there anchovies.  I have decided to do a 2nd run of the Indiana Jones poster.  There. I said it.  It's done. I can't take it back.  This one will say "second printing" on it to distinguish it from the first and more pure printing.  As always. you can order one at the Oily Boutique.  Please be patient with me for shipping. I am still getting through packing and shipping the first run.
In other news. I have started finalizing thumbnails for my next Snake Oil(number 6!)  Right now I am calling it The Ground is Soft.  It will be another contained story like the last issue was.  This issue will be a bit smaller this time. Like 4" x 5" most likely.  I always liked this size and wanted to do something this big. Something you can carry in your pocket.  It may be small but right now it's about 50 pages long.  I have no idea if I will finish in time for my deadline which is the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival on December 4th.  I'll post some pages of it soon.

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