Tuesday, April 6, 2010


did another one of these silly strips.  don't have any reason for doing them.  they are just for fun.  sometimes i really miss drawing darryl and getting inside his selfish teenaged mind.  plus i was reading krazy kat when i drew these and i think that is coming through.  i just need a stand-in for officah pup and i'll be set.

dear diary,

i've been working on a new story after giving up on 2 others.  it's amazing how much unusable stuff i have generated int he last 4 months.  it's not all unusable i guess.  i think i have a good character or two but their story either grows too big for what i had intended or i start to feel like i am preaching or something.  i also think i am jumping into the deep end without properly blowing up my inflatable shark.  i think it's really important for myself to reaaaaallly work out my plans before i start final pages.  but who knows. it might be because it's finally spring and i am feeling youthful again.

just got Urasawa'a Pluto vol 5.  finished it last night.  like the best hollywood movie but.  i kind of feel like urasawa approaches his character design in a very classic cartooner sort of way.  in the spirit of peanuts or matt groening.  all his characters have very similar facial features but with slight variations and different haircuts.

I also want to work for Viz now and be the guy doing all the lettering and sound effects and filling in the holes.  they do a decent job now but i feel like someone could really make it more seamless and invisible to the reader.  viz,  call me.

oh yeah. almost forgot.  going to be at mocca this weekend. sundays table G-12. nothing new from me really except for the Caboose paper i edited and have some work in.  if you don't have wolf come get one. just printed off a bunch more.  4 bucks.  it's the best 20 pages of sad pathetic fat guy comics money can buy. really!

oh and everyone should shake hands with my bro James Sturm and check out his new book Market Day. I know i am preaching to the choir here but James has built a really personal multilayered book.  i got this past friday and have read it twice and i feel like there are still themes and feelings that are being played with and tugged on that keeps me coming back.  it's a pretty simple story on the surface but you can really feel the weight of the world on the main character, Mendleman.  my favorite kind of story.  feel that weight!

my good buddies sean and alex will both have new books at mocca as well.  they are inspiring.

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