Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Day Rising

So if you are reading this via an RSS reader, I encourage you to come to the real place because I have changed the way it looks.  I think its  a little uglier but  a whole lot cleaner.  Plus I am adding lots of comics to read for free.  Check out the sidebar to your right.  You will see Snake Oil 1-5 listed plus some other stories.  Click on them and read some comics.  The main reason for this redesign was to accommodate bigger images so I could put my comics up so you don't have to enlarge anything to read.  Just a straight read from beginning to end.  No clicking.  I have been thinking about putting more of my comics up for free for a while but after seeing the What Things Do site I saw the light.  Snake Oil 1-3 are online right now.  More to come soonish.

Also I am probably going to abandon my other site as I am trying to cut my costs and I feel like it didn't do too much for my fledgling freelance career(which i don't really mind–I'd rather be drawing comics anyway).  I am also going to move the oily boutique to a big cartel store.  I freaking love these store. so easy to set up and easy for people to use.  I have the latest products up there right now. SEE IT.

It's really late and I still have some work to do.  Thanks for reading and drop a line some time.

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