Monday, January 18, 2010

The Comics Journal/Rob Clough

This is a few weeks old but I guess I never posted a link up here for my loyal 12 readers.  Thanks to everyone who has given me sweet compliments online or in person about Wolf.  I am glad it seems to be affecting.  I promise, One day I will do the funniest comic book in the world where only funny things happen and the sun is always shining.  So yeah, Rob Clough reviewed Snake Oil 4 and 5 over at the Comics Journal new web set-up.  It is way too kind and makes me sound like I know what I am doing.  Rob has been reviewing a lot of my friends lately and has been the subject of many conversations.  We usually come to the conclusion that Rob is on eof the most thoughtful reviewers out there and he obviously takes a lot of time to consider the material, no matter the size of the book.  I often wonder how Rob seems to get inside my head like he watched me draw this book and read all the little notes in my sketchbook as I write.  Thanks for reading with purpose, Robby!

Melissa over in mmmendes land has started a campaign to draw your dog for money. I highly recommend it as she plans on buying me a sweet gold-chain with all the dog-money.

Comics making update.  Gerry and Olga is still moving like molasses.  Sorry about that.  But I am working on Snake Oil 6 which will be something totally unexpected and potentially illegal.  I am also working on a story about a girl in high school.

It's getting pretty dreadful up here in the northern states.  The days are short, its cold and sometimes wet and always freezing, especially when you have bad circulation like me.  Let me give you a piece of advice:  if you know anyone who lives up in this kind of climate, this is the best time to tell them you love them and how much you appreciate their breathe.  It can get rough up here especially for us artists and poor folk who are worried about eating or paying for heat.  This has nothing to do with me. I am pretty damn happy this winter but I know how bad it can get.  so yeah. send flowers and chocolate.

On a completely different note.  Is there still no one better?

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  1. Chuck,

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm a pretty systematic kind of reviewer, so it was time to review every CCS-related comic that had come my way. It was a great pleasure, too.

    Yeah, I make a lot of guesses on technique and motivation. Glad I was right in your case!

    I look forward to seeing material from the newest classes at CCS. I know very little about most of them.