Thursday, December 3, 2009

thanks for the link

hey guys.  so umm.  this weekend I'll be in brooklyn at this new thing going on.  It's free and everyone must know that it's free.  it's how all future conventions will be.  free free free!

I am surprisingly(to me) going to have snake oil 5 there.  It's will be called Wolf and have a red cover and will be a little smaller in format to the last 4 snake oils.  I have no real reason other than i had some paper i wanted to use that was smaller.  this is a one-and-done story about a dude named wolf.  He works at sears and loves husker du. 20 pages. black and gray. screen-printed cover. it made melissa cry. i hope it doesn't make you cry.  I'll let you know when its available to order.  here is a page of it for you to see with our eyeballs.

Sean has a much more comprehensive post about this weekend than I do: SEAN

Also, I am notable and they linked to the oily boutique.  Pretty cool!

Oh and Melissa is totally cooler than cathy now.

Colleen just drew a graphic novel in a month!

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