Sunday, September 20, 2009

SPX/Snake Oil 4

Hey true-believers.  Sorry for the lack of Gerry and Olga last week.  Bad news:  no Gerry and Olga this week.  Good news:  New Snake Oil issue at SPX and online after.  Getting this ish done is taking my attention from Gerry and Olga.  Good thing I'm not working for a newspaper.  Below you can see the new cover.  No screen printing this time.  thought I would change it up with some watercolor.  It'll be 28 pages long.  If you haunt SPX, I'll be at table G5 with Sundays, Sean Ford, Joe Lambert, and Melissa Mendes.  We'll have the reprinted Sundays 3 and Sean will have Only Skin number 4!!!!  Eat it! Tell your friends.  PLEASE stop by and introduce yourself.  Ask me to draw you something.  I will.  Oh I think I'll have a new screen print for sale on the cheap.  I'll throw up a pic when it's done.

Until then...