Friday, July 17, 2009

Words into sentences

I'm feeling talkative today.  Here is a list of shit that's on my mind...

• My brother got engaged to a great lady!!!

• Melissa and I will be in in the next Always Comix Anthology.  Sarah and Erin are so diligent in getting these things out.  Please pay attention.

• Thanks to everyone that is reading along with Gerry and Olga.  I'm not going to apologize for being late on posting new pages cause I hate when people apologize for that and I don't think anyone really cares too much anyway.

• Sarah Morean posted golden-common-sense today.  I really wanted to go to this Zinefest as it seemed like it was poised to be awesome.  Maybe next year.

• I have started work on Snake Oil #04.  No really.  No promises on when you'll see it.

• I tried to not drink coffee today and got really irritated.  I got some coffee.

• I am posting every once and awhile over on the new Schulz Library blog.

Book-By-It's-Cover is fantastic.

• I can't wait for this.

• Joe is always on Fire.  Joe does only real-shit.

• The most honest stories in the world are told here.


• I have actually added a bunch of art and comics to my flickr like a real awtist.

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