Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm a HERO!!

Come see me at Charlotte's HeroesCon this weekend.  Stop by.  Ask me to draw something for you.  I will.  We'll be right next to freakin' Jeff Smith.  So while you are waiting for Jeff's autograph you can send me to get you a pretzel or a soda.

Seriously, I think this is the FUNNEST show that we do.  It is so laid back and our host, Dusty Harbstain is a most gracious host.  I'll be representing CCS and SUNDAYS with my pals Sean Ford, Joe Lambert and Jason Lutes!

I'll have Snake Oil 1-3.  A little mini and some prints.  Oh and I'll have 2 Clubfoot T-shirts leftover from MoCCA.  And I am bringing some copies of Melissa Mendes' amzing Freddy book and Denis St. John's awesome Amelia books.  I'm also doing some little Superhero drawings to sell.  I have Spider-man and Batman.  Who else should I draw?

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