Wednesday, June 3, 2009




Page 13 of Gerry and Olga was the last page of chapter one.  I am taking a break from posting because MoCCA preparations are kicking my ass.  I will be posting some sketchbook stuff instead and then next week we'll be back with chapter 2.  I hope anyone reading this going to mocca will stop by and say hello.  I'll be at the Sundays table number 807.  way in the back of the room next to the amazing SECRET ACRES.

Thanks to jimmy rugg for the kind words the other day.  That dude is a swell fellow.

I have some comics being posted on the Sundays blog this week colored by my man, joe lambert.

Also, Sundays 3 will be at mocca. i am so excited for this book.  we tried to do something pretty different this time around.  We hope you like it.

Oh and I am one of the authors of this new blog centered around the CCS Schulz Library.  Lots of cool stuff up there from James Sturm, Michelle Ollie, Steve Bissette, Jen Vaughn, and Robyn Chapman.

holy crap i feel like a big bucket of molasses and my brains are the goldfish in the bucket with the molasses.   I got the allergies and the i wanna sleeps.

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