Saturday, May 2, 2009

Words with info

Ok, time for some talking.  So what is this Gerry and Olga stuff, I have been posting.  Well, it's a new self contained story I have been working on since July '08.  It will be about 90 pages in length and I have decided to just post pages as I do them up here.  I"ll be posting 3 times a week.  Monday. Wednesday. Friday.  I'll start this monday.  I am pretty much done with chapter one so I am working ahead on this.  Gerry and Olga is meant to be read in a printed form and I'm not sure how it will read on a blog but I think giving myself a deadline such as posting 3 times a week will keep me doing pages and hopefully I'll get some feedback from anyone who may be reading.  Still working on printing ideas but I'll worry about that when I have the whole thing done.  I hope you enjoy it.  I have been with this story almost a year now and I am still interested in it.  It's the only thing I want to draw.

Ok, so there are some conventions coming up VERY soon which is kind of crazy.  This time next week I will be in toronto at TCAF.  I will be tabling with my mates Joe Lambert and Dustin Harbin.  I have never been to this show and am very excited cause Dustin is going to buy me all kinds of drinks.  That guy is fucking swell!  I will have all three Snake Oils, a new little mini, and I hope a new screen-print for sale.  Stop by and say hi.  We will love you.

Then a week after that(May 17th) I will be at MeCAF with Joe and Melissa Mendes and there will be a whole slurry of CCSers there too.  A con on the water.  How amazing.  This is the day after CCS third commencement ceremony where this year's commencement speaker is Jeff Smith.  Crazy!

And finally, go here to see the sundays anthology page.  I am co-editing another volume set to come out at MoCCA.  We are doing something pretty different this time around, but more on that another time.  Please check the site often as we will be posting comics from various folks 3 times a week up until the debut at MoCCA.

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