Friday, July 18, 2008


Sorry for the silence.  I have been holed up working on something new (maybe something new and big).  I am also job hunting so if you know of any cool jobs for me, I am in need of funds to pay my rent.  Or you can just buys some comics from me.  I am working on a T-shirt that I hope to have for sale up here in a week or so.  

P.S.  I signed up with Tony Shenton for my sales of Snake Oil to comic shops, so if you want to carry my book you can order through Tony:  shenton4sales(at)

Since I love making promises, Expect issue 3 of Snake Oil to be done by SPX.  It will most likely be available before then but SPX is the latest date I am allowing myself.  

I love you all more then you will ever know.



  1. Hey Chuck!
    Dude, you are as good as food!
    Haha, good times to ya!

    I'm working on new things too
    right now. I was wondering: Wanna
    think about exchanges between the
    European and US cartooning teams again?


  2. You know I was thinking, if you and your homeboys create some dual-sided postcard advertisements for your comics/sites I can go through here and litter all the "hip" shops on Haight. St and other neighborhoods around here to try to and get you some more exposure.

  3. Over 30 days without an update. I've got a bad case of the Mcbuck-withdrawls!