Saturday, June 28, 2008

HeroesCon + BookSlut

HeroesCon was awesome!  Had a great time with my brothers: SeanJoe, and Alex.  I miss you guys...sniff.

We'll always have Charlotte.

Also, BookSlut did a quick interview with me which came out last monday I guess.  Pretty weird.  

Oh, and the new CSS album leaked so I am feeling good.  Also recovering from a mad cold.  Thank god it's almost over.

Also, need a job.  Anyone got any jobs for me?

Now some pics from HC:

Joe using up alllll the space.

Sean draws a Turtle

Charlito says hi the only way he can

Alex endures the pain

This is my favorite of all the pics I took.  Something peaceful about it.

Holding back the tears

Goodbye Charlotte

More pics on my flickr.



  1. Nice pics Charles. Sorry you ended up getting a cold!

  2. Still driving the Civic huh? Nice!