Monday, October 22, 2007

Blog Off Week #1

ok so Sean, Alex, and I are doing a little challenge to put up one color image a week on our respective blogs until i have no idea. I have already pissed all over the first deadline , but I hope those guys can find it in there hearts to let me slide since i have been traveling a bit and unable to draw.  no excuse, i know.  well, here us my less than stellar first entry into Blog Off 07.



drawn with a deleter mapping nib and colored in photoshop.  image taken from an old Time (or was it Life?) book on the desert.   there are these shrimp eggs that lay dormant under the sand for years until rain comes and the eggs hatch.  this guy(scientist?) seems all about finding some for himself.  Probably wants to pour water on them and poke them.  who can blame him. sorry if i sound wierd.  i need sleep...


  1. IT'S ON! BO'07 doth beginnith.

    Nice drawing. Nice color too.

  2. welcome to the blogoffopolis, chuck. it's a whole new world. nice first entry!