Monday, June 18, 2007

Working on my Sundays Strip

I thought I would post some images of how I did my new strip for the Sundays anthology. I am working in a way that I first saw Chester Brown working in an issue of Yummy Fur. I believe the story is called Showing Helder. Anyway, he shows himself drawing his strip with each panel on a seperate sheet of paper and then later he aranges them together on the page by taping them down. My first thought was, "How Strange?" It just seemed like extra work. Why wouldn't he just draw those panels together on one page? Then I tried it for myself and I realized a couple things. First, it's really easy to edit it. You can take out panels, switch them around, etc. Now I know with photoshop this is quite easy to do nowadays but I think there is something to be said for being able to do it physically with your hands without having to scan it and all that stuff. Also, I found that it MAKES me focus and put more time into each panel. My teacher suggested something similar. Sometimes he'll cover up a page with blank paper except the panel he is working on. Same idea. Makes you focus on that particular drawing without getting intimidated by the rest of the page. Sometimes that big sheet of paper can be daunting to work on. I had a lot of panels to draw for this new strip and I would've needed some giant sheets of paper to draw it at the size I wanted. Also instead of carrying around giant sheets of paper have these nice little stacks of squares.

Well time to get back to Sundays. We have a lot to do but no one is freaking out. We are pretty confident that it will be done on time for the show this weekend.

here are some pics of my pages and some bonus comedy.





Joe and Alex had a little fight over what was going on the Sundays Cover. It was rough.


  1. WOW honey that comic looks great from what i can see! i think all that time in WRJ is really starting to pay off! Even tho i miss you =]

  2. I actually feel the exact.same.way.