Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Bunch of Stuff

Well School is over. Almost. The Seniors have commencement starting this week, I still have 2 little projects to finish up. Then I have to get cracking on my pages for the Sundays Anthology(expect to see something new on this project by the end of the week!!). I have a lot pics to share. First are pics I took on our school visit to the Drawn and Quarterly offices in Montreal. This was a cool preview for me as I will be spending August as an intern for one of the best indie publishers. They are being very generous and I think I am going to learn a lot. On with the Pics:


Dane Martin, modern man.


Dirty Students rummage through brand new books.


Tom Devlin shows off a Joe Matt page(i think?) with Chris Oliveros looking on.


Jess spends some time alone with the comics.


Alex, Adam, and Gabby have some important man-talk.


Farewell, Montreal

I wish I had taken more pics of the city. It was a pretty cool place. People spoke french and dressed really nice. It reminded me of europe. Except I've never been to Europe so I wouldn't know. I can't wait to head back and explore it much more.

Last Wednesday my teachers Steve Bissette and Peter Money took some of us out on a hike to the summit of Mt. Ascutney. We got a little more than we bargained for. I had never done such a strenuous hike before. I was beginning to think it was all a cruel joke and there was no summit, and we were just climbing until we learned something about ourselves or met our spirit animal or something. Anyway, it was awesome and even after all the pain, I am so glad that I did the climb. It felt good to conquer such a monster. Thanks Peter and Steve! What a great finale to the end of my first year at CCS!

Have some pictures my readers:


This was one of the first stops on the hike before it started to get brutal.


Dane dreams of the silver pony that awaits him at the summit.


Alex tried to ruin my picture. He failed.


Peter and Steve did not fail in the lewd comment department after straddlin' such a log.


A pulley from an abandoned quarry on the mountain. it still spun.


Cart tracks from the the quarry that lead off a cliff.


2/3rds done on the hike we stopped to enjoy the view.


Peter Money played harmonica for a few minutes on the hike. I felt like one of the pied piper's rats, compelled to follow the music.


Steve at the summit, all tuckered out.


And back down again. Feeling good to be alive.

Well, hope you enjoyed them.

I'll be back soon with some images from my new comic/final project.


  1. what a great blog! it was nice waking up to that, now i can start my day. Wish me luck on my finials!

  2. nice pictures chuck!

    thanks for posting those... so do your legs still hurt from that... cause my sure do. the difficulties of aging...