Monday, April 2, 2007

ISR Anthology

Last night I finished my 2 pages for the Indie Spinner Rack Anthology coming out in the fall.  The book will be debuting at SPX in October.  You'll have to wait till then to see the second page.  Enjoy!



  1. chuck! man, the page looks great! Huh-larious... but where's the second one? I'm literally peeing myself in anticipation!

    and I don't like peeing myself!

  2. i got to see the second page... be jealous.

  3. Yeah, Chuck, let's see that second page. At least so Alex will stop peeing. (I don't know where it is all coming from, it's neverending)

  4. Eh, thanks for the first. That's enough for me...I know exactly where it's going.

    ...just kidding. Good work jerk.

  5. I'm sure that fancy funny pages school of yours would know better, but I read that if you save this sort of image (high detail, small text) in .png format, it will display on the internet much better than .jpg...jus' sayin'....