Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hello From Vermont! I'm Wearing Shorts!

Sorry for the delay. It's been a very busy first 3 weeks of school. Every once and a while I will post some work from my classes to give an idea of what it's like at CCS. Let me list some things I have done in the last few weeks. I learned how to screen print and did about 80 prints of a self-portrait for class, made a jam comic with new friends and also in Steve Bissette's class where he quickly drew a cover for it, participated on an exquisite corpse, aped Sally Forth, wrote a comics manifesto which turned into a project that I hope to debut at SPX, and learned about some comics history. I am really thriving on the heavy workload. It can get stressful and will probably get worse, but 17 other people are doing the same and that helps get through the rough moments. I am just so happy to be spending my days working on comics. I am treasuring my time here because it's going to fly by.

As I mentioned above I am working on something that I will hopefully have at SPX in a few weeks. I will be launching a new blog to coinside with it, so watch this space. I know I don't update as often as I would like but I really appreciate everyone who stops here to read what I have to say. It means a lot.

So be alert. I am really excited about this thing I am making. I hope I don't jinx myself by mentioning it here but I have a little more free time coming up and I hope I can make this thing fly in time.

I leave you with one of my aped Sally Forth strip I did for cartooning class.  Mind you this is an exercise I and TRIED to make the joke bad.



  1. i don't know, that sounds like a 'typical' forsman's joke to me!

  2. If Todd McFarlane can draw a comic again, then I think you can update the blog. Do you wish me to keep comparing you to Todd McFarlane?

  3. you sir, are no Greg Howard, but keep trying...............wink.

  4. Your "CCS" link needs to start with a "http://" or it gets added it to the current web address

    ...and stop drawing your protagonist to look like me/Toby